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Misused and abused private video? Contact us, we will remove it ASAP!

If you come across uploaded material that is objectionable and should be removed or violating your copyright, please report the content by sending us an email at pwetanx[at]gmx[dot]com.

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Please understand that Pwetan doesn’t partner and collaborate with other Adult Websites, store any files on its server and doesn’t host any streaming video.  We’re just indexing other public sites contents submitted by our users like Xvideos, Xhamster, Pornhub, JAVHD, Kayatan, Katorsex, Patorjack, Mangpopoy, Kantotero, Libboggirls, Iyottube and many more.

Please also understand that we can’t and we don’t manually review the videos posted to the site.

Takedown Request / Legal Concern

We respond to all take down video request.
For take down request we need a VALID reason.
For take down request we need Proof. (simply saying take down ,remove, etc. will be ignored.)
For take down request / inquires, Please email us at pwetanx[at]gmx[dot]com.
Please note that we don’t entertain takedown request messages comments on the video, Please contact us via email.
Please don’t forget to include the URL(s) or Link(s) of the video(s).
Please use an active email address. (Using fake / inactive email will be automatically considered troll and the request will be ignored)
Please contact us @ pwetanx[at]gmx[dot]com

We review and take necessary action ASAP (24-48hrs or earlier) to the reported video(s).


This site is only for adults R18+
This site does not store any files on its server.
We only index and link content provided by other sites. (publicly published)

Atabs / Stab / Kabats / Studyante etc. is just a keyword, all models on the video at least 18 years of age.
We strictly do not allow minor content on our site.
If you have a report about anything that is related to child pornography being published to this website. You can contact us through the contact email mentioned above so that we can review it and take necessary action as soon as possible.
We do not claim ownership over any of the videos posted on this website.

We do not allow authors to post original content on our website.
We only allow authors to copy/reshare videos publicly published from other websites.

Titles, Names, Locations etc.. are only fiction not related to the video Watermark is automatically placed by the uploader.